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IGE Review

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PROS / IGEs live support, order confirmation and other helpful features make them worth looking into.

CONS / Their somewhat higher pricing and reliability in the past may turn some customers away.

 VERDICT / IGE had some issues in the past but have improved greatly over the years. Their helpful features and easy to use service makes them worth checking out.

IGE operates the world's largest secure network for buying, selling and trading of game currency in MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games). Unfortunately, being the biggest does not guarantee customer satisfaction. Over time, user complaints have increased. However, recently things have started to look up once again for IGE. This unique MMORPG service is able to provide a simple way to purchase in game currency, and stay up to date on the latest MMORPGs. The problem is that with only ten different games available IGE is missing a large portion of the highly played MMOs on the market.

You can make purchases through IGE without registering which is quite rare for an MMORPG service. However, if you do choose to register, you'll get extra benefits like self-scheduled delivery times, eligibility for prize drawings and earn MyIGE points that you can exchange for bonuses and discounts. IGE is available in seven different languages and you can convert a price into eight different currencies-the site will cater to almost anyone.

They support the more popular games on the market including Age of Conan, Aion, DC Universe, Everquest II, WoW and RIFT. Each game is highly played and as such are the ideal focus for a site that only has a handful of games they support.

Once your purchase is complete you can track your order using one of three different methods, through a cookie, through the transaction number that you receive by email after you make a purchase or through your IGE account if you were logged in at the time of purchase. This makes it easy to estimate when you will receive your order. This MMORPG service provides free estimates on the value of your products so you can determine if it's worth your time to try and sell some of your gaming goods. You'll have all of the information you need to buy, sell or trade virtual items.

Through this MMORPG service you may buy currency, items and accounts. If you opt to buy an account, you will be sent to Vbarrack.com. At this time only World of Warcraft US and World of Warcraft EU are available. You may also sell currency, but must negotiate your transaction by email with IGE representatives.

You can use a variety of payment options including PayPal, credit card, personal check, money order and even wire transfers. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. The prices on IGE are very consistent across servers and factions. They are not the lowest priced on the market, but when you take into consideration all of the extra work and effort it takes to provide the best service, it's worth the money.

The currency exchange rates are consistent day after day, we check three weeks in a row and their exchange rates remained consistent. They also offer 24-hour price protection and offer comparable price matching. IGE does offer refunds, but only to those who for some reason did not or could not receive their purchase. You'll find exchange services for many of the world's most popular MMORPGs, including Lineage II, Final Fantasy XI, EverQuest II, World of Warcraft and more.

IGE had some problems in the past when it came to living up to their end of the deal. However, seeing their reputation and credibility going down the drain they have turned a new page and are working back up in the MMORPG services.


IGE had experienced significant customer service problems, which are being worked on. If you would like to see how they are doing and try a new and improved site than make sure to check them out and see for yourself.